******First Sundays, Theme for services, Healing;  Each first Sunday of the month we serve communion and minister healing.

Continuing in 2017, Bible Study, The Theme, Topic, "The Super Power of a Transformed Mind", by Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Ministries of Redding, California.  Each Saturday afternoon night from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM.  


                               BENEFITS OF THIS STUDY;

                                   1.  Learn how to think from Heaven's Perspective

                                               *  Embrace your new normal

                                               *  Discover God's will

                                               *  How to prove God's will

                                               * Thinking well is important

                                               *  The entryway of repentance

                                   2.  Understand and know that your is God's Dwelling Place

                                               *  Rethinking your ideas about God's house

                                               *  Rethinking your ideas about Open Heaven

                                               *  Rethinking the Believer's Mandate

                                               *  Rethinking binding and loosing

                                               *  Rethinking the Temple of God

             ** Just for starters, this study is awesome, it is designed to change your life by, "Transforming Your Mind" to think like God!

                Won't you join us?  Aren't you curious about what you have just read about this study? You are invited!!

Prophetic Ministry Seminar

Coming Friday and Saturday June 24-25, 2017.  Friday 7:30 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM

Prophetic Ministry, Prophetic gifts and callings.....

The Duvall Event Centre

4857 Glenn Dale Road

Bowie, MD  20720

(301) 262-3581




Calendar of Events

Coming Soon to:  Grace Thru Faith Worship Centre,"Genesis School of Signs and Wonders".

     How would you like to learn how to bring Heaven to Earth, "..on earth as it is in heaven..".  It 

     is God's duty and responsibility to get us to Heaven, it is our duty to bring Heaven to earth.

     We are to re present the Kingdom of God in this earth.  As there is no sickness in Heaven,

     we can live here on earth free of sickness and diseases, how, by bringing Heaven to invade

​     this earth, by the renewing of our minds which will enable us to do so. Watch for more 

     details in the coming year!